Artist Philosopher

Amalya Nane Tumanian

Reality is deconstructed, and when organic and inorganic become inseparable, a new consciousness is born – this is the ideology of my recent paintings. Geometric shapes intertwined with the bodies represent inorganic reality of the cyberspace that became an identifier of our social presence. We are not just a consumers of the advertisings - we are the subject of the advertising. We see and create our Id in the virtual reality, and we are no longer alone as portrayed it in Alone with Herself, etc. One straggles to find ones true self, and through the persistence and perseverance one establishes it for a time being, as in Coming to Realization of One’s Identity. This stability is fragile, and with any new happening, Id gets divided into many once more. I expressed this by multiplying the same image, yet each with a different treatment – different colors, lines, and media.  We become who we are through the eyes of the others, and as we split into many presence, we see ourselves differently in each instance. My choice of media, oil, acrylic, mixed media, etc. often dictated by the emotion I intent to express, thus media is a part of my statement.