Artist Philosopher

Lynne Brown

Movement and energy are of great importance within all my artwork.  Sensory, unconscious/conscious thinking are used to formulate my concept. I create through observations of my environment and society. Personal experience and history with dance/movement has greatly impacted my visual art, predominantly featuring the human figure as a structure and a mode for metamorphosis and transformation. Different forms of culturally based movement, art and sound, have impacted my approach and thought process. I reflect upon ideas, sights and sounds of the world I am living in.

My art practice varies in materials and dimensions, currently consisting of large-scale drawings, collage, sculpture, digital drawings/prints, and traditional printmaking.  I have also begun to create “Wearables”(fashion + concept + technology = art) and dabble in art film. A mixture of techniques and materials are part of the process of creation rather than using one specific type of material, medium or style.  Drawings and sculpture are created through the use of found objects, household and building materials, as well as fine art mediums (charcoal, ink, mixed media). I attempt to bring the artwork from the studio to the street, to the venue, to the public space and back to the studio.