Artist Philosopher

Michelle R. Perkins

As a visual communicator, my primary interests are entrenched in nature, African American culture, ancestral history and feminine spirituality. I draw inspiration form these themes because they are closely related to my personal experiences and therefore, become reoccurring components in my creative process. Creating images that reflect aspects of my life experience are important because I see the art making experience as a journey. Portraying the voyage with various forms of media challenges and simulates me to investigate my cultural narrative, as well as my past, present, and future.

Through my work, I feel that I am communicating to my ancestors whether by means of inspiration, through the selection of materials or my chosen subject matter. There are materials that have personal and or historical relevance that become tools, which speak to my African-American and Native-American ancestry. I do not place limitations on the materials that I work with, but I feel that the struggle of those that have gone before me involved the use and reuse of natural, found, hand-made and altered objects. By using items such as soil, clothing, flowers, bones, roots, photographs, hair, and recycled found objects, I am reinforcing my themes through the use of materials.