Artist Philosopher

Taliesin Thomas

In recent years my art practice has been somewhat confined to the creativity that is born between pen and paper. I have always considering drawing to be my "first love" and it is always a pleasure to draw when time allows. As a full-time working professional and PhD student, the daily-weekly-monthly schedule is often booked solid (living in New York City poses an added challenge when it comes to the elusive nature of time and the realization of personal goals). Admittedly my art practice is not at the forefront of my life activities right now, however, I am still an artist at heart. I still see the world through the lens of imagination and mystery, which I consider to be the basis of art making. During our Rome-Spannocchia-Paris 2014 residency we were blessed with a stretch of exceptional weather and profoundly beautiful blue skies. Midst our jaunts around Europe I often found myself looking toward the heavens, and frequently I would encounter a marvelous piece of sculpture there. I am pleased to present this selection of "Sky Sculptures" taken during that month abroad. It represents a moment of blissful art practice while enjoying the many delights of a summer residency.