Artists, Perverts, Poets, Freaks, Warriors and Nomad

The “Golden Horn” is the ancient waterway along the Bosphorus. Once used by Byzantine and Ottoman merchants, now this river/estuary separates European Istanbul from the Asian part. Walking around this ancient city one engages with the architecture, culture, landscape, and sounds of the past and present. This summer I arranged to stay in Istanbul for a few additional days and considered my two-month experience in Europe with the gaze of an artist nomad (with possible touches of the freak and warrior).  The Istanbul lectures presented by philosopher Sylvère Lotringer addressed T.E. Lawrence and The Seven Pillars of Wisdom and the idea of "nomadic" thought. Nomadic thought, in part, represents the work we all must do. Lotringer said that this “work for a project” is work that we must uphold for ourselves not for another’s project. Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of the nomad was also presented by Lotringer when he spoke of individuals he called artists, perverts, poets, freaks, warriors and of course the nomad. These individuals experience the abjectness of life because they “never have enough” and tend to live outside of the “State” as they move across space. Exploring the notion of space is profound as it may be experienced as sacred and profane, public and private, smooth and striated. Visits to the Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern and the Sultan Market presented a different spatial experience to that of Paris and Berlin. One thing that struck me with delight was Lotringer’s idea of "nomadic" thought also promotes moving slowly and wasting time, as a means to present the artist with the necessary freedom of mind and time it takes to see “life as a creation.” How wonderfully sublime is that?