Artists Debate Whether the Discipline Needs a Doctorate by Dan Berrett

IDSVA is featured the Chronicle of Higher Education’s article, “Artists Debate Whether the Discipline Needs a Doctorate”. Read the full article here. (note: the link will expire in 5 days- make sure you get to read it!)

….”Supporters of doctorates for artists have shifted their arguments, now citing the need for American colleges to remain competitive internationally. About 40 doctoral programs in studio art are available abroad, most of them in Britain, Europe, and New Zealand, says George E. Smith, president of the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. In 2007 the institute, in Portland, Me., admitted its first cohort of visual artists seeking Ph.D.’s in philosophy and art theory, and they are finishing their dissertations. A handful of programs in the United States offer studio-based, practical doctorates, more scholarly focused Ph.D.’s, or some combination.

“Every day the world is more and more globalized,” says Mr. Smith. “We’re looking a little provincial in terms of what we offer in advanced education to visual artists who want to go forward.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.