IDSVA Student Sara Blair presenting at SECAC!

Sara Christensen Blair, IDSVA 4th year student, has been invited to present at SECAC(Southeastern College Art Conference) this fall. See her abstract below. Way to go Sara!

Panel: “Where Art and Craft Collides and Cohabitates
Paper: The Domestic Sublime
The art of Tara Donovan and Liza Lou precipitated the investigation of the domestic sublime. Domesticity commonly refers to any labor,activity or material related to, in or around the home.  The additional moniker of domestic to the sublime reflects the combination of constant, unending repetition of materials and labor, inherent in craft and manufacturing processes. These materials include beads, straws,and toothpicks. They are sublime because of the laden excess and presentation of infinity manifested in the process, materials and form.

Tracing the concept of the sublime from its origins with the intention of showing its evolution from a transcendental experience to a tangible, material manifestation of the sublime in contemporary discourse. Key figures in this argument range from Immanuel Kant,Jean-FrançoisLyotard, to Jacques Derrida. The domestic has numerous social, historical and philosophical contexts, but the focus of this discussion is what Christopher Reed defines as“as specifically modern phenomenon, a product of the confluence of capitalist economics, breakthroughs in technology, and Enlightenment notions of individuality.” This definition includes the investigation of discourses that are imperative to what will be discussed as contemporary domesticity; that which is dependent on efficiency, technology, individual homes, labor politics and capitalism.