Jessica Doyle to screen video in Brooklyn Sat, Feb 4

IDSVA student Jessica Doyle will be screening a video, “Kairos Interruptus”, this Saturday, February 4th at 8PM at Vaudeville Park in Brooklyn, NY.  Films will be shown from 8-11:30 p.m.—if you’re in BK be sure to catch it!  Details below:

Vaudville Park
26 Buschwick Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11211

Vaudeville Park’s video screening is marked by a heavy international sampling. With works submitted from Russia, Turkey, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, and bridging Dust, Rust, and Bible belts, February 4th’s screening is defined by works that promise then frustrate recognizable cinematic conventions.

Whether achieved by disjunctions between an audio narrative and accompanying imagery, dramatic buildups that devolve into experiments with time structures, or flesh fetishes short-circuited by all-too-real intimacy, the videos speak to that perfect, synchronous moment that we all know from cinema, where our expectations are rewarded in a timely “lossless” synthesis. That perfect moment, kairos, will be interrupted, there will be visual artifacts, tables to be cleared, chairs to stack, explanations to be made.