New Media Music Chicago

The documentary New Media Music Chicago originally came out of my M.F.A. studies at Columbia College, Chicago. It was an assignment for a class entitled The History of New Media. Since my background is music, I decided to focus on the idea of music paired with new media art. I produced an eight-minute version for class, but since I had had very little video experience, I consulted the engineer-in-charge at WTTW, Chicago’s PBS station, for some advice. My connection is that I work for WFMT Radio, Chicago’s classical music station, and it is owned by WTTW. The engineer gave me some advice and then showed it to the V.P. of programming who immediately asked for 26 minutes. It took me four years to complete as I was working by myself, but I reshot it with all new performances. It aired on WTTW September 29, 2013.