The Journey of Subject/Object Interrogation within a missing phrase, or “Happy Birthday”

The Journey of Subject/Object Interrogation within a missing phrase, or “Happy Birthday
by Susan Johnson, 2nd year IDSVA student

Every day is an Anniversary of some kind,
Says Heidegger every year on Sept 26.
What you see is how you feel, he tells Nietzsche,
Who cries each October 15.
Not self-pity, but grief over Heidegger’s
Alliance to selective freedom
For the sake of Heidegger’s students,
Deliverers of ethics.
Face-to face with infinity.

For me, the revelation of subject and object
Began in earnest two years ago.
Conducting an interrogation of place, time, and being,
As Jill I tumbled down the hill.
The Anniversary is end and beginning – infinity.
My Anniversary is now shared in multitude.
A strange event, perhaps. Uncanny.
Yet, as dispositif shifts, resolution evades me.

Who is the viewer or the viewed,
the seer and the seen?
From direct to deferral – as Derrida never dreamed.
Date and time imprint – blood and presence.
“Here I am” Jack says. Here, now here.
Literally blood, as subsumption of nature to man.
As humanity, Jack and Jill glimpse the sublime.
Mediation is all I see.
Yet freedom slips through.
Backlight, or overlay perhaps.
Transformation, metamorphosis…or stasis?
Self-determinant anniversary of the moment just past.
I, Jill, pick up the bucket to go back to the well.