Intangible: How Do Artists Draw The Undrawable?

Intangible: How Do Artists Draw The Undrawable?

Lesley Heller Workspace, New York City

Opening Reception: Sunday, April 27, 6-8 pm

By Simonetta Moro, Director and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, IDSVA

I am very honored to be part of this upcoming exhibition at Lesley Heller Workspace gallery in New York City, opening on April 27, 2014.

Intangible: How do artists draw the undrawable? Is curated by Jim Osman, an artist and educator with an active curatorial career. In coming up with the idea for the exhibition, Osman started with an observation: “The world is full of things, people, places and words that at first glance seem unconnected and stand alone. Artists have that uncanny ability to find new languages to make the intangible viewable and hopefully understandable. Each artist in this exhibition will show a drawing and an associated object/sculpture.

I think the combination of the two will make the seemingly capricious nature of our world clear, if only for a moment.”

Simonetta Moro, Drawn to the High Line, 2012-13, photo: Cibele Newman

In this series of drawings, I explore the genres of the panorama and the cityscape, specifically in relation to drawing on site. The act of drawing thus satisfies both a cognitive and a performative function, by enabling me (and it is hoped, by extension, the viewer) to gain knowledge about a particular site, and to confront the immediacy and constraints of the moment, through a mark-making process executed with ink on paper. Moving from left to right on a continuous scroll of paper (for which a special drawing box was made), I create a visual record of the object of my observation and the passing of time. Each mark is permanent and done in the moment, requiring great concentration. The main quest centers on the perception of a place as it gives form to its representation and its re-invention, through the sustained practice of drawing. The goal is not to capture an object, but to evoke an intangible experience of a place.

The Panorama Viewing Box also on display (the “associated object”) is the result of a collaboration with my father, Giovanni Moro, who designed it and built it to allow the scrolls to be seen in the unfolding of time.

Artists in the exhibition: Larry Fane, Suzanne Kelser, Simonetta Moro, John Roach, Ward Shelly, Hilda Shen.

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Exhibition dates: April 27- June 1, 2014

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