Laura Graveline, IDSVA Library Director

Current Exhibitions:

SPA Gallery in Barre, VT, Chaos: Pandemonium, Disorder, and Turbulence in Art
SPACE Gallery in Burlington, VTHeArt Attack

Most of my work explores color and emotion, and I recently began a new series of work using encaustic, mixed with oil color or paraffin wax.  These works are on a small, intimate scale, and I’m finding that the encaustic medium really guides the composition, in ways I can’t forsee.

 It’s a very different approach to painting than I took in my past work in oil, and it is really interesting to begin working without a predetermined composition, but to instead develop a composition organically, as the encaustic medium literally blooms, and reacts to the addition of other media. In some ways, working with encaustic is much more chaotic then my work with other media.  A series I have been working on for several years, one in oil & one in acrylic,  also focus on color and the emotion of love specifically. These paintings developed from a composition I had sketched, and the colors used were chosen for the feeling and light they evoked.