Reality Coordinates

Reality Coordinates
by Wilson Hurst, 1st year IDSVA student

Authentic dreams
Domesticated desire
Virtual supplement

In a logic of visual sensation, all things are interrelated particle fields. A deeper reality underlying an articulated whole is constructed from fully functioning independent parts. In the study of dualities, two polar positions become increasingly difficult to locate. The form becomes more significant than the content, as meaning is an amalgamation of structural influences.

Henri Bergson’s notion of time is implicit as a dynamically fractional internal awareness, neither a quantitative multiplicity nor a unified whole. Relatively apprehended through an intuition of imagination, subjective time may vary its speed of passage. The instant that time is measured, that moment is gone, empirically eluding arithmetic. Duration is inexpressible, revealed circuitously through images that fail to assemble into an absolute representation.

Exteriority is an immense mosaic of local matters of fact, one thing presented after another. The given objectivity is necessarily interpreted, however, based on presuppositions and mental structures. Change in any way and actuality shifts, slides, and morphs transcendentally. Taking control of cognitive free will, such modifications can be intentionally directed, opening up hitherto untapped realms of fantastical experience. The uncommon is always lurking in the conventional.

In dealing with highly abstract matters, it is much easier to grasp the symbols than it is to grasp what they stand for.” – Bertrand Russell