Topological Studies: Crossed Thresholds

Topological Studies: Crossed Thresholds
by Wilson Hurst, Cohort ’13

Relations recognized across topographical experience and modes of behavior expand in the course of immersion. Nomadic thought is stimulated from ambient conditions of travel in shifting intensities by unfamiliar circumstance confrontation. The orientation frame is transgressed through attention to positional ambiguity. When conscious and unconscious dream worlds merge, hyperesthesia drives aesthetic creativity, the confounding and contravention of habitual codes. Physically and metaphysically wandering about from space to space, avoiding a rigid pattern of progress, opens up nomadic peripatetic possibilities otherwise inaccessible. Mobility is an efficient strategy for scarce resource utilization, stimulating mental agility. Distinctions become operations on the exterior of a deeper territoriality, encompassing further convoluted multidimensional dynamics, ultimately unified into the totality of all that is. Yet historical intertextualization is a dialectical method of analysis, and not a metanarrative of everything. Meaning is always becoming, shaped by past and future interpretations within the complex rhizomatic network. Space allocation and associated methods of social organization function in dueling antinomies: as smooth/striated, as sacred/profane, and as public/private. Nomadic theory explores interconnected links between ingredients to visualize spaces and observe system associations.

Engaging in a certain kind of itinerant, fluid behavior, warriors cross many conceptual thresholds in rapid-fire territorial succession. From Berlin’s restrained resurgence juxtaposed to the established Paris commotion, unified belief systems of localization position the self within a larger exchange paradigm. Falling into the mesmerizing ancient metropolis astride two continents, a global commercialization seems evident in abundant overdrive in Istanbul. Sanctified and irreverent relations between contained culture idioms are in dialogical development, as forces balancing individual significance opposed to state control challenge permissible boundaries. Yet all spaces, in fact, exist only in combination, with fuzzy edges. The nebulous margins of life are identified via free nomadic cognition informed by experiential exposure.

Moving through space and time, following the path of desirable resistance, the roaming Artist/Philosopher/Warrior is naturally liberated. Traveling light with no property to protect, outside the territorial control of any governmental administration, universal response to stimuli becomes irreducible. Freed from positional constrain, the power of conceptual reason resides in its transcendence over imposed conventionality.