Water Project Honduras

Water Project Honduras
by Connie Bogaard, 5th year IDSVA student/PhD candidate

This winter I had the opportunity to participate in a mission trip to Honduras. The goal was to help build a water system in a rural area in the southeast part of the country close to the border of Nicaragua.

When our team of eleven participants (plus support people) arrived, the main pipe had already been installed. A spring was tapped in a high mountain with a pipe connected to a cement storage tank. It was our job to connect the main line with each home of the approximately 45 families in a nearby village. We worked for ten days with the local people digging trenches in the morning while the rest of the day was spent visiting homes and working with the children. When we left, clean running water was available to almost all of them, something they never imagined possible. And the impact is huge. The women don’t have to carry the water anymore, walking for miles uphill just to wash dishes and do laundry. They can expand the vegetable gardens and bring more variety to their daily diet of corns and beans. We taught them about hygiene; simple things like cleaning a wound are so much easier when you can depend on clean water. Water in the dry season means you can improve your home with adobe bricks. Better irrigation increases the value of the land which ultimately improves the quality of living.

I went there thinking these people needed our help building the water system but I came to realize this was just part of what made this trip important. It was our friendship, concern and interest in their lives that mattered almost equally as much. We were given back more than we gave.

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