Philosophical Ammunition

By Johnnie Mae Maberry, Cohort '13

"Rostov Oblast" by Mitrofan Grekov

"Rostov Oblast" by Mitrofan Grekov

My third presentation during our first residency in Spannocchia was titled, “The Consciousness of the Conceptual Warrior: What kind of bullets are in your gun?” The word “Warism” still dominates my thoughts and continues to be a part of my philosophical journey within IDSVA. There seems to be an ongoing war between modernism and post-modernism, involving the questions of subjective realities opposed to objective realities. In this regard, “Warism” is considered in the dialectical unraveling of consciousness and its relevance to existence or Being. It all seems to boil down to whose ideology is packed with the most ammunition. Let the battle continue as we forge ahead to another exciting, often frustrating, new battle of contextual “Warism” within philosophy....

Oh, and don't forget your bullets.