Proportion between Infinity

By Wilson Hurst, Cohort 13

"Oscillation Displacement" by Wilson Hurst, 2014

"Oscillation Displacement" by Wilson Hurst, 2014

Questioning existence in an effort to understand, sensation in the blink-of-an-eye confers meaning to the order of things. There is an infinite range of possible explanations, using a variety of languages, for the same empirical experience. This makes the truth of knowledge problematic. Actuality goes deeper than any possible rationalization.  

Related to consciousness, the existence of an observer relies on exteriority, because the onlooker thinks ontologically on a dissimilar plane from the material dominion. Sensations and emotions are genuine articles of experience. However, human knowledge consists of fictions that can only be justified based on contingent situation response rather than on specific ideas and theoretical speculation. Nevertheless, fictions prove their indispensable worth in practical understanding, allowing functionally in a world of appearances.

After a mental incubation period, impressions from experience become sharper in their interpretation. Perception, memory and dreams all merge in interesting ways to construct the reality of life. True art is neither disinterested nor detached, but integrated into the fabric of meaning.