Gavart Gallery Show

By Amalya Nane Tumanian, Cohort ’14

A little more than a year ago, I came across an IDSVA advertisement on the internet. Becoming a student at this amazing school has been transformative. Not only has my life been altered by a new philosophical appreciation, but also it has been enriched through wonderful associations with outstanding people. My Paris exhibition is a life-long dream that came true through providence, resulting directly from initiative taken during my IDSVA residency last summer.

Everything is personal (subjective) while simultaneously nothing is personal, because existence relates to what is external. Bergson in his lyrical book “Creative Evolution” implies that we are our history. Through my philosophy, I respond to feelings and contemplation, describing what is given to me from the perspective of my own history – objects appear not in the way they are, but rather, in how I see and interpret them. For something to exist it needs to be observed. Thus as a professional artist, I feel a responsibly and obligation to display my artworks.

Opening a door of endless possibilities, it was a considerable effort on my part to take thirty-four paintings to the Gavart gallery in the heart of Paris for exhibition. Nevertheless, it was successful beyond anticipation - about 20 people came to the opening regardless of the cold February weather. This one-person show was from 2nd - 22nd; however, my artworks remain at the gallery and will be in a group show during last 10 days of each month until the end of 2015. Throughout the years of inner conflict, I have finally come to the point in my artistic life where I am confident in what I have to say, and the way in which my artworks speak.

Galerie Gavart
5 rue d'Argenson 
Paris 75008 M° Miromesnil