Eye & Mind Journal

Eye & Mind Journal

Eye & Mind was established in 2011 as a public forum for IDSVA students to present and share samples of academic work, including independent studies and dissertation chapters. 

Eye & Mind: The IDSVA Journal of Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory has the singular goal of providing space for the germination of the scholar’s voice in the dialogue between philosophy and art. The journal presents the independent writings of our colleagues as they negotiate the Seminar Studies of IDSVA. As each work serves as a critical investigation of the relationships between art and ideas, Eye & Mind endeavors to foster that creative thought and allow for the dissemination and integration of ideas. We at the Editorial Committee are dedicated to support the scholarship of our peers and provide a platform for their academic dialogue as it pertains to philosophy, aesthetics, and art theory.

"The poverty of philosophy remains a failure to act. And yet a philosophy of action seems the only hope remaining in the face of our present conditions of existence. Such a philosophy will materialize, I believe, when the philosopher has learned to engage body, mind, and spirit in the concrete representation of a philosophical abstraction. Who will this philosopher be, if not the artist-philosopher?"

George Smith, IDSVA Founder and President

Editorial Committee:

Editor-in-Chief: H.C Arnold, Cohort '09
Managing Editor: Taryn Sweeney, Cohort '10


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