Fall 2016 Newsletter

Interview with Dr. William D. Adams

By Zoma Wallace, Cohort '15

Dr. William D. Adams, known to many by his distinctive nickname, Bro Adams, is the 10th Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. A native of Birmingham, Michigan, Adams earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy at Colorado College and a PhD from the University of California at Santa Cruz History of Consciousness Program. 

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Notes from Athens

By Milos Zahradka Maiorana, Cohort '15

How much do we really know about our democratic ideal and its Greek beginnings? Following IDSVA’s topological study across Athens, the discussions with professor George Smith touched on many relevant issues including the meaning of the Golden Age of Athens and Pericles’ consolidation of democracy through various means of questionable ethical standing. 

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The Master of Aix

By George Orwel, Cohort '15

"Young Marie had just been in to clean my studio," the painter Paul Cezanne wrote to his niece, Paule Conil, of L'Atelier des Lauves, where he had everything he needed to compose his famous still faces.

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Time is the Greatest Gift

By Laura Graveline, IDSVA Library Director

Time it is the most expensive luxury - the greatest gift - often referred to but rarely appreciated. I can fill it, spend it, waste it, lose it, but I can never get it back. I'm not even sure I can always remember it. Indeed, I often forget it in an entirely detrimental way. 


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Faculty Update

By Simonetta Moro, Director of School & Vice President for Academic Affairs

IDSVA is rightly known for the caliber of its faculty, and in particular, for the many distinguished philosophers, artists, and theorists...


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