IDSVA offers a world-class low-residency PhD in art theory and philosophy to visual artists and creative scholars.



Residency & fieldwork sites include Rome, Spannocchia Castle (Tuscany), Siena, Florence, Venice, Berlin, Paris, Athens, NYC, and Colby College.

The IDSVA Visiting Faculty brings together the world's leading philosophers, artists, and scholars.

“IDSVA has helped to propel my career forward by providing me a solid philosophical foundation, amazing networking opportunities, and the experience of completing a difficult and extended project. With this prowess in tow, I have been able to pursue new teaching, publishing, and artistic opportunities that would not have been possible before my time at IDSVA.”

Dr. Gregory Blair, Alumnus ’15



“My experience with IDSVA is one that is larger than words. It has been an all-encompassing, full-bodied, full-minded experience. It has taken me beyond anything I thought I could do as a human being.”

Dr. Kalia Brooks, Alumna ’16

“My studies at IDSVA have opened up vast territories of ideas--not only things I didn't know before, but most importantly those I did not know I didn't know about. This has led not only to an expanded richness of experience, but has also opened up such comparatively prosaic and practical options like adding an active publishing and conference component to my life as an artist, thinker, and creator.”

Jason Hoelscher, Cohort ’12



“IDSVA’s demand for endurance, heart, and innovation allowed my sense of agency to blossom and prepared me to enter new realms of contemporary aesthetic and spiritual inquiry.” 

Dr. Amy Cook, Alumna ’13


“IDSVA's interactions with the best theoreticians and artists during residencies promote independent original research and build intellectual community.” 

Dr. Ewa Ziarek, Julian Park Professor of Comparative Literature and Founder and Director of the Humanities Institute at the University of Buffalo





IDSVA: The World-Class Low-Residency PhD in Visual Arts