Job Placement

Job Placement


Notable Achievements:

Over the last three years (2014, 2015 & 2016)

  • 62%  of our alumni have participated in conferences and lectures throughout the US and Abroad
  • 30% have published papers or articles in prestigious journals and publications
  • 37% have shown work in solo or group exhibitions in galleries and museums

Positions include:

  • Western Governors University, Course Mentor in the Humanities
  • Abilene Christian University, Assistant Professor of Art & Design & Director of Maker Lab
  • Endicott College, Full Professor
  • Northern State University, Associate Professor of Art
  • Dunwoody College of Technology, Principal Instructor
  • ART TIMES Journal; Anchorage Press, Freelancer
  • Charles F. Kettering Foundation, Program Officer
  • Western Kansas Community Foundation, Executive Director
  • Loyola University, Faculty
  • Maynooth University, Lecturer
  • Dublin Institute of Technology, Research Assistant
  • LIM College, Adjunct Professor 
  • St. John's University, Adjunct Professor
  • Tiffin University,  Adjunct professor
  • IDSVA, Independent Study Director 
  • Moreno Valley College,  Adjunct Professor
  • Amicus Studio Inc., Owner