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Summer - Fall 2012

by Mary Anne Davis

I am loving this weather in the northeast – cooler days, almost cold nights, leaves are peaking and winter is around the corner. Couple that with a good book, such as the Gay Science, and voila! Heaven! Who knew Nietzsche would provide such solace to a soul searching for meaning in the world? 

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Spanocchia, Tuscany, Italy

by Leonie Bradbury, Cohort '11

Our first encounter of Castello di Spannocchia was from the window of our airport van as we made our way the winding dusty driveway. My first thought: Woah! It is a real castle. Nestled in the green luscious woods of the Spannocchia estate ‘tenuta di spannocchia,’ the castello or villa is the perfect place for studying. 

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By Mary Mazurek, Cohort '12

After an adventure at the Bologna Airport, we landed in Paris. All of us in Cohort ’12 were pleased to meet Cohort ’11, and that evening we dined together then strolled the streets of this remarkable city. A few of us went straight to the Eiffel Tower, where we saw several tourists trying to interpret the symbolic language on the sign next to the entrance. 

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