Newsletter Fall 2013

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2013 Berlin Residency – Walking With Kant And Hegel

Dr. Christopher Lonegan (IDSVA graduate of 2013) began the intensive study of the Kant-Hegel Divide Facilitated Reading course with the following invitation, based on the recollection that the philosopher Immanuel Kant was so regular in his daily walks that the neighbors could set their clocks by him:  Friends, please join me for a walk around the farm, and we will talk about this week’s reading.  

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55th Venice Biennale, Venice Residency 2013

By Deborah Bouchette

Everyone seems to speak of the “Venice Biennale” as if it were located in one space.  I was surprised to find out that in addition to the original site, a second official site is located in the old arsenal complex, and then “collateral” events are staged in all sorts of spaces, even private homes and palaces (or palazzi), all over town.

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Dr. Michael Smith On Publishing His Dissertation

The holy grail of any dissertation writer is eventually transforming all that hard work into a viable book proposal that will convince a publisher that it’s worthy of putting into print. Securing a contract with a publisher is not only a huge boon if you’re in the academic job market, it’s also immensely satisfying on a personal level to have your scholarly work validated.

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Interview With Jason Hoelscher, Second-Year Student

At a basic level, I was looking for new challenges. I’ve been reading art theory for years as a source of enjoyment and would pass the time reading theory. I worked graveyard shift at a gas station through undergrad and so am likely one of the few people in the art world who taught himself the basics of modernist, postmodernist and poststructuralist theory while sitting around a gas station for hours on end every night for a few years.

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Update on Accrediation

IDSVA currently stands in Candidacy Status for accreditation. Our most recent NEASC Site Visit, in 2012 during the summer residency at Brown University, went very well.  Our one remaining step for accreditation will be our final Site Visit, scheduled for the Brown Residency in summer 2015.

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