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New Residency: Istanbul

By Simonetta Moro, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of the School

Does a city actually generate ideas? Or is the melting pot […] just a place where those with ideas congregate? Which is to say, is a city merely a place where ideas come to fruition, brought in by outsiders—nomads—who are looking for a place to express themselves? (Mike Adams, 2nd Year IDSVA student)

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Brown University Residency | July 2014

By Deborah Bouchette, Cohort 12

Brown University in Providence is one of the eight eastern seaboard schools that might be called a “hederi-topia” (an ivy-space), which—please forgive me—I intentionally contrive as a pun on “heterotopia,” a word I first learned reading Foucault’s essay “Of Other Spaces” in our first-year seminar A Quick History of Philosophy. 

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