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Ordering Life Patterns: Book review of The Poetic Imagination in Heidegger and Schelling by Christopher Yates

By Wilson Hurst, Cohort ’13

The starting point for creative independence involves a passionate interest in existence, recognizing the unavoidable discrepancy between appearance and actuality. In this quest, imagination is the psychological vulnerability by which metaphysical reason translates distinct perceptions and impressions into cohesive entities. 

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Interview with Mildred (Milly) Glimcher, IDSVA Board Member

By Taliesin Thomas, Cohort ’13,

Mildred (Milly) Glimcher, with her husband, Arne Glimcher, founded the Pace Gallery on Newbury Street in Boston in 1960. They were both still in college.  Since then, Ms. Glimcher has curated exhibitions and written books and articles about “Happenings,” Jean Dubuffet, Willem de Kooning, Alexander Calder, Lucas Samaras, and art in post-war Paris, among other subjects. 

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Introduction to the First IDSVA Student Exhibition to be held at the NYC Residency, January 2015 "The Artist Philosopher"

By Jeanne Moore, Cohort ’13

The idea of the artist philosopher is not unusual, but rather, has existed throughout the history of art. Artist such as Eduard Manet, Marcel Duchamp, Andre Breton, Joseph Kosuth and many others created works that raised critical questions about aesthetics, morality, social justice, and the role of art in the greater society. 

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New Residency: Istanbul

By Simonetta Moro, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of the School

Does a city actually generate ideas? Or is the melting pot […] just a place where those with ideas congregate? Which is to say, is a city merely a place where ideas come to fruition, brought in by outsiders—nomads—who are looking for a place to express themselves? (Mike Adams, 2nd Year IDSVA student)

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Brown University Residency | July 2014

By Deborah Bouchette, Cohort 12

Brown University in Providence is one of the eight eastern seaboard schools that might be called a “hederi-topia” (an ivy-space), which—please forgive me—I intentionally contrive as a pun on “heterotopia,” a word I first learned reading Foucault’s essay “Of Other Spaces” in our first-year seminar A Quick History of Philosophy. 

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