Newsletter Fall 2018

Judy Crook 5: Analysis Through Phenomological Methodology

by Mercedeh Mirshamsi, Cohort ’16

Judy Crook 5, an installation by media artist Jennifer Steinkamp, is a three dimensional digital animation of a generic tree form projected on the flat surface of a wall.  The tree form and its expansive botanical shape is a universal archetype and therefore has a deeply rooted phenomenological significance within the collective consciousness.

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Hermeneutics – The Choosing of the Arrow

by Angela M. Mosley, Cohort ’16

Henry Kirke Brown’s artwork, commissioned in 1848 by the American Art-Union, was completed in 1849 and is recognized as the first bronze sculpture made in America. The nameplate spoke to Brown’s studies in Italy and his desire to create distinctively American sculptures with unique national themes for distribution to a broad middle-class audience.

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