Newsletter Spring 2011

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Winter 2010 / Spring 2011

This Newsletter announces IDSVA’s historic accomplishment of gaining candidacy status for accreditation from The Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. The students of IDSVA would like to congratulate and thank EVERYONE who helped to make this feat possible, especially, George Smith, Seth Kim-Cohen, and Denise Carvalho. In particular, we would like to thank and acknowledge the work and generosity of Amy Curtis, who is not only the organizing power behind IDSVA, but also an inspiration to us all in her incredible ability to put philosophy into practice!

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In New Column Focusing On Student Research, Christopher Lonegan, Fourth-Year IDSVA Student, Discusses His Dissertation.

I began my research with the conviction that art presents the nature of our Being either as a lived and shared contemporary moment or an imagined past/future. I reasoned that the most ubiquitous modality of Being is to “be” in and through a body. Being is experienced through the organs of sensation, and through the nebulous and problematic matrices we variously call mind, consciousness, spirit, or soul. Any term identifying the mental nature of Being carries with it a legacy of thought, belief and, hypothetically, traces of that legacy should be discernable in images of the body. T

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European Residency 2010

After dinner, in early June, a graceless sow made a bed in a field in the Italian countryside. Absolutely determined, she ripped mouthfuls of grass and toddled back over to a makeshift shed, dropping the grass into something of a pile. This ritual occupied her for the evening. She was making a bed for her newborn piglets, who still seemed a bit at odds with this world, which was quite new to them. A group of IDSVA students and faculty watched this scene completely transfixed.

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