Newsletter Spring 2013

Stay up to date about what's happening at IDSVA! In our Spring 2013 newsletter we discuss, Getting to Know Cohort '12, Plymouth Rock Plus Some, and much more!

January 2013 Special Edition: Inaugural Commencement And NY Residency

by Mary Anne Davis, Cohort '11

Coming back to the Gershwin Hotel for our second residency was like coming home. Although I have only been a student at this lauded institution for just under 2 years, the associations and friendships I have made seem to be worth a lifetime already. I guess coming to understand philosophy must be some sort of ritual trial by fire to join a community. Well, joined we are. Greeting friends that have been in Tuscany, Venice, Berlin, Paris and New York, again, reading difficult material, generously working out what various thinkers thought, well, we have grown close.

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Read, Write, Replete

by Deb Bouchette, Cohort '12

New York, New York!  I landed at JFK on Twelfth Day / Epiphany, and ready to have an epiphany of my own.  Manhattan greeted me with glittering remnants of the holiday season.  It’s not hard to understand why New York is called “the city that never sleeps,” but it’s also “the city that’s never complete.”  Construction is not just a summer activity here. 

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Getting to Know Cohort '12

by Susan Johnson '12

One of the best features of our 2013 New York residency was the location. We were right in the heart of the city. In addition to great accessibility to all parts of the city, modernist landmarks surrounded us. Heading out to Fifth Ave, we were sandwiched between the Flatiron Building and the Empire State Building. Down the block and over another are the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower and the 69th Regiment Armory building, where the 1913 show that introduced modernism was held.

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Plymouth Rock Plus Some

by Kate Farrington, Cohort '11

One of my favorite moments at the New York residency was listening to a Justin Bieber song – twice.  I waited for the second loop to hear again a rendition of “Under the Mistletoe” by six teenagers in matching semi-formal outfits singing at an at-home holiday party. It was part of a refreshing “electronically mediated” video installation Plymouth Rock (2011) by 28-year-old artist Trisha Baga at the Whitney. The artist set up a landscape of small standing objects from everyday life, and across them projected an easy-moving video around a trip to the oddly enshrined Plymouth Rock. 

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Matisse Reunion

By Kathe Albrecht, Cohort '11

What a Bakhtinian spectacle of life!  I sometimes felt overwhelmed during the IDSVA New York Residency 2013, cramming so much art and philosophy into my head and my heart.  But mostly I felt blessed being with friends from Cohorts ‘11 and ’12, experiencing the New York art scene together, listening to insightful paper presentations, and discussing critical issues.  These are smart and inquisitive people who care immensely about their own education, but also about contemporary art and philosophy, and the unique paths of their fellow IDSVA travelers. 

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Art, Money And The Market : A Visit To Christie’s

by Jen Ford, Cohort '11

Cohort 11’s visit to Christie’s during the 2013 NYC Residency was a true testament to IDSVA’s quest for interdisciplinary thought.  We walked into the space which was uncharacteristically devoid of art, leaving us to imagine what the next display of exclusive objects will look like. The hushed tones we used to file our way into the beautiful conference room, was also a stark contrast to the usual electric energy that a major auction night brings.  However, the excitement and anticipation that my classmates brought to the discussion with Koji Inoue, the Vice President and Specialist Head of Evening Sales Post War and Contemporary Art, was matched by the interesting presentation and gracious question and answer period.

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Studio Visit – Dr. Simonetta Moro

by Larry Decker, Cohort '11

Locating Dr. Moro’s studio in DUMBO was a challenge.  It is ironic that we could have used a detailed map whereby upon on entering the studio we were confronted on all sides by maps.  These maps are her art, wherein she creates and paints a topography of a city such as Venice and New York as it was in the past.  She then layers another map over this as if time were being created in an historical narrative, an archeological method displaying the evolution of that city overtime.  Maybe fulfilling the dictum of presenting the unrepresentable – creating not only space but time itself.  This gives one the sense of historicity by topographically layering of these maps and thereby demonstrating history’s flow, from past to present and on to a non-stated future. 

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From Cinta Senesi To Doctoral Degrees (And Everything In Between)

by Emily Putnam, Cohort 

On January 12, 2013, the first group of IDSVA graduates collected their well-deserved degrees in a momentous commencement ceremony. As a student of the second admitted cohort, I first met Amy, Chris, Evelyn, Michael, and Nil at Spannocchia in the summer of 2008.  Back then, I remember feeling a great deal of uncertainty and excitement about what this program was going to entail. None of us knew what to expect, but it was soon made apparent, however, that as we were venturing into this scholarly wilderness as artist-philosophers, at least we could do it as comrades in arms—forging this path together. 

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Art Basel Miami Beach

by Susan Johnson, Cohort '13

This past December I enjoyed the ultimate art fair experience. Not only was this my first visit to Art Basel Miami Beach, but also my first ever visit to Florida. Blessed with gorgeous sunny 80-degree weather, South Beach and Miami Beach were converted into an endless parade of art fairs with gorgeous beach draped alongside. And all of this is on top of the luscious Art Deco architecture. All the glorious sunniness in connection with the contemporary art world was like a culture shock!

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