Newsletter Spring 2016

We're talking about Hazardous Aesthetics, Interview with Howard Caygill, The Experience of Time at The Studio Museum in Harlem & much more!

Hazardous Aesthetics: New York Residency January 2016

By Gabriel Reed, Cohort ’14

Second year IDSVA PhD candidates had the pleasure of viewing Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting—a major retrospective exhibition held at the internationally renowned Guggenheim Museum. Showcasing more than 35 years of Burri’s assault on the picture-plane, these experiments in thermoplasticity animate the liveliness of fire and the human spirit.

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Walid Raad: Museum of Modern Art

By Keren Moscovitch, Cohort ’14

Our January residency in New York City included a visit to the Walid Raad retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. Experiencing Raad’s work in person, as well as learning of the history of its production, was a watershed moment for students in terms of understanding the role and impact of the artist-philosopher.

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A Private Tour of the New York Home of Donald Judd

By Jeff Siemers, Cohort ’14

IDSVA second-year students had the privilege of experiencing Donald Judd’s home and studio at 101 Spring Street in SoHo thanks to a private tour from the Judd Foundation. The tour was greatly enhanced by Power Boothe, artist and IDSVA Honorary Degree recipient who was along with us for the day in New York.

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Giorgio Morandi at CIMA, New York Residency January 2016

By Mercedeh Mirshamsi, Cohort ‘14

Giorgio Morandi is an Italian painter who was most famous for being the greatest master of Natura Morta (Still Life) of the 20th century. During the New York Residency of 2016, we had an opportunity to view some of his still life paintings, which were on display at CIMA - Center for Italian Modern Art, located in SoHo.

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Frank Stella’s Stripped Down and Honest Physicality

By Jonathan Morgan, Cohort ’15

It’s not uncommon to hear people bemoan the inaccessibility of modern art. Viewers can easily be put off by esoteric concepts represented by works that value intellectual complexity over material execution. Frank Stella’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum is a stark reminder that the same environment that can breed such animosity can also yield work that is both novel and entirely accessible.

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IDSVA Commencement: Sparkling Fresh and Buzzing

By Milos Zahradka Maiorana Cohort ’15

January 9th, 2016 was a day of celebration for the IDSVA community. On this day, president George Smith announced IDSVA’s full accreditation, along with the goal of making it a tuition-free institution. On the stage of the Morgan Library in NYC, Holberg Prize winning professor Stephen Greenblatt gave a lecture on the enduring value of the arts and humanities.

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