Newsletter Spring 2018

Editors' Message

by Katherine Melcher ’16 & Silvia Ruzanka ’17

Welcome to the Spring 2018 IDSVA newsletter!

January was an exciting time for the IDSVA community.  Not only did it mark the winter New York Residency for cohorts ’16 and ’17, but we celebrated our newly minted PhD’s at the 2018 IDSVA Commencement Ceremony at the Morgan Library in New York City.

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Reflections on Grace

by Zoma Wallace, Driskell Fellow 2015

This past winter, I experienced a work of art that set me on a path that I know I will be on for a while. The performance work was Carrie Mae Weems’ Grace Notes: Reflections for Now, presented at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. At its core was one question, “What is grace?”

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Excursions in Space: Robert Irwin at Dia:Beacon

by Angela Whitlock, Cohort ’16

Robert Irwin’s Excursus: Homage to the Square³ at Dia:Beacon reminds me of the word “excursion,” a short, leisurely journey or trip, or the act of moving something along a path. Irwin’s Excursus was exactly this: a short journey through a maze-like installation, during which one leisurely ponders questions big and small.

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IDSVA at The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), New York

by Cj Stephens, Cohort ’17

Professor Christopher Yates and Molly Davis, Director of Administration, graciously led a group of Cohort ‘17 students through the grey winter streets of Manhattan, on a quest to the Museum of Arts and Design. As we entered the museum, our bodies filed in like a long caterpillar in sections that pushed and pulled, but that ultimately, lined back up in a circle around our docent, Gillie Holme

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An Emotional Gut Punch: Protest Art at the Whitney

by Jill O'Connor, Cohort ’17

The image of it flying was not only covered by the art world but by the mainstream press. We saw the images, but until I walked into the Whitney and saw it myself, it was just that – an image. Confusion, dismay, and disgust all rolled through me as I stared at Dread Scott’s black flag and its stark message: “A MAN WAS LYNCHED BY POLICE YESTERDAY.”

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Brenda Biondo: Play

by Poppy Gauss, Cohort ’16

Brenda Biondo: Play at the San Diego Museum of Art presents two bodies of work by Colorado-based photographer, Brenda Biondo: prints from the artist’s Paper Skies series and selections from her Playground series.

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by Wren Miller, Cohort ’17

Every era has its heroes, every gallery, its artists; and everyone between New York and California was excited to see a collision of the two at Marlborough Contemporary in January 2018. Anarchists, builders, and inventors of ritualistic technological warfare turned satiric spectacle, Survival Research Laboratories (SRL), launched their first ever commercial gallery exhibition in Manhattan

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