Newsletter Spring 2019

Picturing Nomadic Ways of Being in the World

by Nic Tanner, Cohort ’17

NPR’s global health news website, Goat Soda, recently published a series of images I photographed in fall of 2018 of the third biannual World Nomad Games held in Kyrgyzstan. At the Games, countries from across the world competed in a wide variety of traditional Central Asian nomadic sports and activities.

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L.A. ArtDoors open<— —>not open

by Emel Thomson, Cohort ’17

This past February I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the L.A. art scene. The L.A. art scene was turned up a few notches with the opening of several art fairs including the city’s first Frieze art fair.

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A Look into the Handmade Future

by Jessica Crocker, Cohort ’18

In 2018, The Museum of Art and Design instituted a new award honoring Craft. The Burke Prize: Future of Craft celebrates a younger generation of early-career makers working in working in glass, fiber, clay, metals, or wood.

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Trembling Thinking

by CJ Stephens, Cohort ’17

Archipelagic thought has a tremble to it, a light sense of freedom that always carries with it something unknowable. However, this tremble is not from a division created by the unknowable but its movement of linking us together through it.

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Getting to Know Sam Jones, Cohort ’18

by Wren Miller, Cohort ’17

Making work and having the work unmake the artist. This is one of the driving forces behind the creations of IDSVA’s Samantha Jones. The first year student had a busy start to the spring semester, a trip to NYC for her first residency with the school and a solo exhibition at Bushwick’s Amos Eno Gallery.

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Going home to the Brooklyn Museum

by Julius Brewster-Cotton, Cohort ’18

The return ¨home¨ is always met with an onslaught of nostalgic memories; moments that exist, but which have remained inactive in present thought. Going home to Brooklyn and to the Brooklyn Museum with IDSVA this winter was, for me, a moment in which  all of the moments that I have filed away in my memory resurfaced.

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