Student Journal

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Since Eye and Mind first began in 2011, I have had the pleasure of participating on the editorial board. When the original five editors first met, we felt it was necessary to establish and provide a forum for our fellow classmates to publish their work while also learning what that that process entails. Little did I know that such an undertaking would involve my learning what it means to be an editor as well. Four years later, I can say it has been a wonderful process, and I am thankful for my time with the publication.

Within the past year, the journal has gone through a significant migration from our old site to being directly integrated into the IDSVA website. This was an exciting move for us, and I think our new format makes the articles more accessible and included in the school than they were prior. I trust that in future, Eye and Mind will continue to evolve in similar ways that best showcase its authors’ works.

For this year, we have several articles that demonstrate the wide range of interests of the IDSVA student body. Maria S. LaBarge explores the notion of the datafied art experience. I consider contemporary graffiti as an ever-differentiating entity that becomes all-inclusive. And Wilson Hurst reviews the various ways aesthetic practices open the unknown while taking a close read of Jim Morrison’s lyrics and poetry. Though diverse, we feel that all articles share a common academic rigor that is essential to IDSVA’s academic mission. It is with great pleasure that we now give them to you to read and enjoy.


H.C. Arnold