Visiting Faculty

Visiting Faculty

The IDSVA Visiting Faculty brings together major philosophers, artists, and scholars from around the world. These internationally renowned educators join students at residency sites and lead seminar discussions about the site's historical, aesthetic, and ideological significance.  Visiting Faculty maintain teaching relationships with IDSVA on an ongoing basis, some returning to teach or give lectures every year, others according to availability and current interests. 

Symposia, Special Lectures & Studio Visits

Internationally recognized scholars, curators, and artists offer SYMPOSIA & SPECIAL LECTURES on topics that are not necessarily tied to particular course curricula and serve to broaden the scope of academic discussion.


"IDSVA's interactions with the best theoreticians and artists during residencies promote independent original research and build intellectual community."

Dr. Ewa Ziarek
Julian Park Professor of Comparative Literature and Founder and Director of the Humanities Institute at the University of Buffalo


"I consider the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts really to be one of the most imaginative, creative, and compelling programs that I know."

Bill Brown
Co-editor, Critial Inquiry and Edward Carson Waller Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago

Howard+Caygill (1).jpeg

"IDSVA's course of study is striking, as is the program's immense attention to detail and sensitivity in the teaching of theory."

Howard Caygill
Professor of Cultural History, Paris 8

IDSVA: The World-Class Low-Residency PhD in Visual Arts