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2017 Commencement Highlights

IDSVA celebrated the achievements of its newest alumni during the 2017 IDSVA Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, January 14 at the Morgan Library in New York City. Hank Willis Thomas, the world-renowned photo conceptual artist, took the opportunity as Commencement Speaker to talk about art as an emancipatory promise and to congratulate the graduates on being at the forefront of cultivating new systems of knowledge.

Hank Willis Thomas at 2017 Commencement Ceremony
Hank Willis Thomas at 2017 Commencement Ceremony

The five degree recipients for this academic year were:

Carl Lawrence Decker (M. Phil), dissertation: Painting the Invisible: Artistic Spirituality as Polyphonic and Intertextual (Director: Dr. Julie McGee)

Kalia Brooks (PhD degree), dissertation: Identity and eRACIAL: Representing the Other in a Screened World (Director: Dr. Ellen Grabiner)

Jean Bundy (PhD degree), dissertation: Survival and Change in Churchill's Paintings (Director: Dr. Michael Smith)

Kathryn A. McFadden (PhD degree), dissertation: Indefinite Openness: Thinking Love In Art (Director: Dr. Sigrid Hackenberg)

Kathe Albrecht (PhD degree), dissertation: The Machine Anxieties Of Steampunk: Contemporary Philosophy, Neo-Victorian Aesthetics, And Futurism (Director: Dr. Donald R. Wehr), who is also the recipient of the Ted Coons IDSVA Dissertation Prize

Honorary Doctor of Philosophy degrees were awarded to Carl Lawrence Decker & Carol A. Scribner, Alison Derby Hildreth, and Hank Willis Thomas.

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