Newsletter Issue:
Fall 2012

Brown Residency - Summer '12

by Arlinda Henderson

The pre-dissertation residency at Brown University was as thrilling as the most action packed horror flick. My excitement was heightened by our most recent body of readings; readings of body.

I took the Peter Pan bus line from Boston to Kennedy Station in Providence. For those looking forward to Brown, if you’re planning on taking a cab then I would get off at the bus terminal, but you will miss all the beautifully colorful people at Kennedy. You can walk from Kennedy to Brown, but most of the 8-10 block trek is up a steep hill climb. Aside from sweating bullets from the heat, I thought it was a nice walk.

My room was air conditioned but not heated, which wasn’t a problem and the bathroom/shower were down the hall. You won’t need to bring a towel and washcloth, but I wish I would have brought some hangers. I also recommend eggshell, or padding of some sort for the beds if you can bring or buy it.

About 4 blocks north of where we stayed there is a plethora of different types of restaurants and shops. Providence, or at least College Hill, has a small town but festive feel, complete with plenty of rowdy teens. I found a little mercantile store, which placed me in another time (1930-50,) better than the best set design, I don’t remember the name, (I was stunned.)

Dr. Paul Armstrong’s lectures were more like discussions, which he continually brought back around to connect with what we can expect to be up against during the Oral Exams. He played the “devils advocate” and his enthusiasm was contagious, especially when it came to our ideas. As far as the workload, it didn’t seem more, or less, than Spannocchia or Paris. (You will need the White Book.)

Also, since it seems that all we do lately is eat, sleep, and read, hang on to your Brown ID card, because it is needed for all of these.

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