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George Smith's Upcoming Book Announcement

George Smith

Routledge announces IDSVA founder & president George Smith's forthcoming publication: The Artist-Philosopher and New Philosophy

"In The Artist-Philosopher and New Philosophy, Smith argues that philosophy has indeed come to what Heidegger described as 'an end.' That is hardly to say philosophy as such is over or soon to disappear; rather that its useful purpose as a medium of cultural change and as a generator of history has run its course.

He thus calls for a New Philosophy, conceptualized by the artist-philosopher who 'makes' or 'poeticizes' New Philosophy, spanning literary and theoretical discourses and operating across art in all its forms.

To this end, Smith proposes the establishment of schools and social networks that serve as education programs for the training and development of artist-philosophers, as well as global digital networks that are themselves designed toward an 'ever-becoming community.'''

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