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IDSVA Alumni Feature: Dr. Jason Hoelscher

Dr. Jason Hoelscher
Dr. Jason Hoelscher

Dr. Jason Hoelscher (IDSVA PhD 2019) has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, Department of Interdisciplinary Art, Georgia Southern University.

Professor Hoelscher's forthcoming book, Art as Information Ecology: Artworks, Artworlds, and Complex Systems Aesthetics, is due from Duke University Press in Spring 2021.

"My time at IDSVA was intense but excellent, and opened all sorts of doors--many of which I hadn't known were there to be opened. If I have a single, overarching life philosophy it's that life is driven perpetually to expand its range of possibilities, and IDSVA has offered up all sorts of ways to act on that drive, both for myself and my students. My book, forthcoming from Duke University Press, originated from ideas I had (and conversations with my peers) during my studies at IDSVA. The thought that these ideas will make their way out into the world is, needless to say, truly exciting."

—Dr. Jason Hoelscher, IDSVA PhD 2019

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