IDSVA Alumni Feature: Dr. Toni-Lee Sangastiano

"IDSVA was one of the most profound, expansive and meaningful learning experiences in my career. It is a space of growth, authenticity, ethos of care, and becoming, with infinite possibilities artistically, philosophically, and as a human being. I have been able to deepen my practice and create greater meaning in my work as an artist, as a scholar, professor and community member. IDSVA is a metamorphosis of being. "

—Dr. Toni-Lee Sangastiano, IDSVA PhD 2019

Toni-Lee Sangastiano
Toni-Lee Sangastiano

Congratulations to Dr. Toni-Lee Sangastiano on her new job! Dr. Sangastiano has been appointed as a Digital Media Specialist & Full-time Assistant Professor of the Practice at Georgetown University, Department of Art and Art History.

Dr. Sangastiano's artworks are included in exhibitions and collections in Dubai and NYC.