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IDSVA Announces New Residency Site - Marfa, TX

IDSVA is launching a new initiative for students and PhD candidates with a self-directed residency in Marfa, Texas – the IDSVA Marfa House.

Chinati Foundation. Image courtesy of Chinati Foundation
Chinati Foundation. Image courtesy of Chinati Foundation.

As the home of the Judd Foundation and the Chinati Foundation (pictured above), Marfa, Texas is a major center for minimalist art. The primary goal of this residency site is to provide a place where students and PhD candidates can spend some quiet time doing intensive writing and research, and for advanced students to develop research and prepare for oral exams in self-directed study groups. IDSVA students researching Donald Judd and minimalist art are also welcome to apply.

For more details contact Molly Davis: or 207-771-8887.

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