Newsletter Issue:


We are pleased to announce five IDSVA students and one faculty member presenting at the annual meeting of the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT), Yosemite Valley, CA, October 4 - 7, 2018.

PACT presenters
Clockwise from top left: Angelalynn Dunlop, Gabriel Reed, Jennifer Rissler, Christopher Yates, Keren Moscovitch, Jeff Siemers

Gabriel Reed, PhD Candidate

Paper: "(Re)Thinking Ceramics in the West: The Elemental Imagination of California Clay Culture in Peter Voulkos' Mudworks"

Jennifer Rissler, PhD Candidate

Paper: "California Dreamin'? Post-Studio as Modernity's Missing (Interventionist) Archive"

Angelalynn Dunlop, PhD Candidate

Paper: "Becoming Rock: How the Rock-Climbing Community Articulates new Forms of Thinking through Body and Geology"

Jeff Siemers, PhD Candidate

Chairing Session:"Walking, Hiking, and Climbing in the West"

Keren Moscovitch, PhD Candidate

Paper: "Queering the Pacific: Postcolonial Intimacy in Joseph Maida's 'Hula Kahiko Kane'"

Christopher Yates, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Art Theory

Paper: "Sehnsucht and its Irreducible Remainder in Wallace Stegner's West"

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