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IDSVA at SECAC Conference in Baltimore (October 26 – 29, 2022)

IDSVA Conference Participation:

2022 SECAC Conference

We're pleased to announce that multiple students, alumni, and faculty will participate in the 2022 SECAC Conference in Baltimore, MD, from October 26-29, 2022.

Dr. Homer Charles Arnold, PhD '16
'Other' Play-Acting: Performance Art’s Colonialist Critique

Dr. Greg Blair, PhD '16

Street Art and the Disruption of the Expected

Sara Christensen Blair, PhD Candidate
The Sweet and Subtle Smashing of the Status Quo – Not Just a Pile of Candy

Dr. Nancy Wellington Bookhart, PhD ’21

The End of Art in the Artist Philosopher

Kat Brown, Cohort ’20
Uninvited Attunements

Dr. Jason Hoelscher, PhD ’19
Networks of Difference: The Drop City Commune, the Criss-Cross Collective, and the Aesthetics of Possibility

Mike Hogan, Cohort ’20
Gender and Fluid: A Reconsideration of the Stain in the Painting of Helen Frankenthaler

Jocelyn Holmes, PhD Candidate
Addressing Erasure Through Adriana Corral’s Memento: Vibrant Medium and A View of Decolonizing Feminist Thought

Holly Holtz, Cohort ’19
The Brain and the Boogeyman: Instinct and Survival

Dr. Christopher Lonegan, PhD '13
The Intertextual Studio: Research, Technique, and The Paradigm of the Artist/Scholar

Rikiesha Metzger, PhD Candidate
Mothering as a Work of Art

Marvin Milian, Cohort ’20

Rust v. Sullivan and its Influence on Contemporary Public Art: A Look at Government Infringement and Censorship in American Public Murals

Dr. Simonetta Moro, IDSVA Director
The Artist in the Archive: Mapping as Poetic and Political Act

Silvia Ruzanka, PhD Candidate

The Conjunctive Form That Is Animation

Angela Whitlock, PhD Candidate
The Inception of Detroit Techno: How Abjection and Bleakness Spur Hope Through a New Genre of Music

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