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IDSVA Makes a Strong Showing at Two Major Art Conferences this October

We are pleased to announce nine IDSVA students and alumni presenting at two major art conferences this October, some at both conferences: SECAC at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and Mid-America College Art Association (MACAA) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

2018 Fall Conference participants
Clockwise from top left: Jeff Siemers, Paige Lunde, Neely Patton, Jason Hoelscher, Mary Mazurek, Kathryn McFadden, Jonathan Morgan, Kalia Brooks, Angela Whitlock (in the center).

Angela Whitlock

Cohort '16

Paper at MACAA: "The Virtu-Real"

Paper at SECAC: "The Inescapable within a Seemingly Escapist Utopia: How Consumerism is Ingrained within Virtual Reality"

Jason Hoelscher

Alumnus 2018

Co-Chair of Panel at SECAC: Art and Aesthetics in an Era of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Art: The Future Will Be the Now, or Will It?

Paper at SECAC: "Ten Theses on Art and Artificial Intelligence"

Paige Lunde

PhD Candidate

Chair of Panel at SECAC: Our Problem with the Concept of Time

Paper at SECAC: "The Educational Apparatus: Our Problem with Time"

Chair of Panel at MACAA: Virtual Repeatability

Paper at MACAA: "Detachment and Reduction: Our Changing Orientation Toward Technology"

Kalia Brooks

Alumnus 2017

Paper at SECAC: "Lil' Kim and Baudelaire: Ayana Evans's Exhibitionist Takeover in Operation Catsuit"

Kathryn McFadden

Alumnus 2017

Chair of Panel at SECAC: AMBUSHED! Pussy Grabs Back, Y'all: Exhibitionism in Art and Performance

Paper at SECAC: "An Aesthetic of Anxiety: Art, Pussy and Philosophy"

Jonathan Morgan

PhD Candidate

Paper at MACAA: "Fabricated Fear: Artists, Technology and Manual Labor"

Chair of Panel at SECAC: Is This Mic On? Considering Humor

Mary Mazurek

PhD Candidate

Paper at SECAC: "Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink: A Brief History of Noise in Art and Music"

Jeff Siemers

PhD Candidate

Paper at SECAC:"The Subversive Event: Overturning Institutionalized Identities through Difference"

Neely Patton

Cohort '16

Paper at SECAC: "Filtering Art, Filtering Self: Through the Lens of the Selfie"

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