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IDSVA participation in Fall Conferences

We're pleased to present an extensive list of IDSVA students and alumni participating in academic conferences this fall. In particular, thirteen IDSVA students and alumni will participate in the 2023 SECAC Conference in Richmond, VA, from October 11-14, 2023, while others are giving papers at conferences in Krakow, Edinburgh, Malta, Venice, Seattle, Canada, and New York.

Kimberly Aimée Alvarado
PhD Candidate, Cohort ’18

Co-chair of the session Decolonial Aesthetics: Toward Artistic and Philosophical Interventions at SECAC 2023.

Jocelyn Holmes
PhD Candidate, Cohort ’18

Co-chair of the session Decolonial Aesthetics: Toward Artistic and Philosophical Interventions at SECAC 2023.

Stanley Bermudez, Cohort ’21

Will present his paper: “Vincent” in the Studio Art Session: AI in Contemporary Art Practice at SECAC 2023.

Dr. Nancy Wellington Bookhart, Alumna 2022

Will begin her first term serving Georgia on the Board of Directors at SECAC, during the annual conference in October. Additionally, she will chair the session Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion in the Emergence of Photography and present the paper: “Museums Rewriting History, Reclaiming Communities” in the session Making Museums Matter to Students.

Monica von Brecht, Cohort ’21

Presented the Paper: “Dao of AI” at the International Society of East Asian Philosophy conference, University of Edinburgh, September 15-16, 2023.

Crystal Brown, Cohort ’23

Will chair the panel: The Impact of “Professionalism” on the Artist/Parent & How to Change a Culture at at SECAC 2023. Brown will also present the paper “Shifting Pedagogy for Holistic Learning in Higher Education” with Robert Howsare.

Dr. Jean Bundy, Alumna 2017

Will present the paper: “Institutional Objects on Display --Remaining? Or Restituted?” at the 55th AICA Congress, Krakow Poland, November 13-17, 2023.

Rachel Daichendt
PhD candidate, Cohort

Will present the paper: "The Architectural Facade: Gothic to Contemporary Dissections on Surface Presentation” for the panel New Research in Architecture and Urban Design at SECAC 2023.

Dr. Heather E. Dunn, Alumna 2014

Will chair the panel, Artivism in Public Space, and present the paper, "What is Artivism in Public Space?" at SECAC 2023. Dr. Dunn will also have a sculpture in the SECAC juried exhibition at the Try-Me Gallery.

Dr. Kate Farrington, Alumna 2022

Delivered the paper: “Finding Home in the Songs of the Whale” at the 14th Pacific Association of the Continental Tradition (PACT) conference at Seattle University in September 2023 and has a book in contract with Routledge.

Shana Dumont Garr, Cohort ’22

Will present the paper: "Maya Lin's Artwork Cultivates Diremption, Non-Attatchment, and Ultimately Destitution as a Means of Coping with Human Extinction" on the panel Historical Reckoning on the Public Symbolic Landscape and Restorative Commemorative Projects at SECAC 2023.

Mike Hogan
PhD Candidate, Cohort ’20

Will present the paper: “Modernism in America: Retelling a Tale . . . of Two Cities” in the panel Rethinking Borders and Boundaries at SECAC 2023.

Dr. Mary Mazurek, Alumna 2022

Will present the paper: “Reframing Noise Aesthetically Through Derrida’s Parergon” during the SECAC 2023 panel Performance Art as Rock and Roll: Meaning Out of Chaos. She will also present the paper “Advancing DEI in AES: A Pilot Analysis of AES Convention Participants Data” with her fellow co-authors at the Audio Engineering Society Convention, NY.

Marvin Milian
PhD Candidate, Cohort ’20

Will deliver a presentation titled “Bakhtin and the Art of the Street: Unmasking Chicano Street Art as Parody” at at SECAC 2023. This paper will be part of a panel discussion titled Artivism in Public Spaces. Marvin was also granted the Gulnar Bosch Travel Award, which recognizes merit and emerging scholarship in art, design, and art history at SECAC.

Dr. Angela Mosley, Alumna 2023

Will present for the panel “Teaching Under ‘Protections from Discrimination and Woke Indoctrination’” (FATE) at SECAC 2023.

Dr. Erin Latham, Alumna 2022

Will present for the panel “Teaching Under ‘Protections from Discrimination and Woke Indoctrination’” (FATE) at SECAC 2023.

Silvia Ruzanka
PhD Candidate, Cohort ’17

Presented the paper "Media Art and Structures of Care" at RE:SOURCE, the 10th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology on September 13 in Venice, Italy. She will present "Plant Play" at the Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play (CHI PLAY), October 10-13, Stratford, Canada.

Colette Standish, Cohort ’21

Presented the paper: “The Incest Taboo and Transgression in Anaïs Nin’s House of Incest” at the conference Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta, 26-29 September 2023.

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