Newsletter Issue:
Fall 2015

IDSVA Professional News Fall 2015


Jean Bundy (Cohort ’11)

  • Will be presenting her work as part of the Space/Place exhibition at Pleiades Invitational Show in New York, December 29th 2015-January 23rd 2016. This current work by Bundy reflects her love of ‘describing’ in both paint and verbiage.
  • An AICA/USA journalist, Bundy has written art criticism in Alaska for the past nine years. Bundy has a BFA from the University of Alaska, an MFA from the University of Chicago, an MFAW from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is currently a PhD candidate at IDSVA.

Nancy Bookhart (Cohort ’11)

  • Presented paper Rewriting on the Walls of Slavery in the Work of Kara Walker at the SECAC Conference in October, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Presented paper The Hermeneutics of the Sacred and Profane in the Works of Bruce Nugent at the Conference on the Harlem Renaissance at Paine College in Augusta, GA in November 2015.
  • Presented paper The Orchestration of Rituals and Repression in the Delusion of Female Sexuality at the Conference Exploring Sexuality and Spirituality Conference in January, 2016 in London, England.

  Kate Farrington (Cohort ’11)

  • Presented paper “Place’ through a Feast of the Five Senses: A philosophical consideration of Robin Kahn's 2012 art project for dOCUMENTA(13): Dining in Refugee Camps: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking at the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT) conference, The Feast, September 2015 at the University of Seattle, Seattle, Washington.
  • Her project “Call for Reclassification/Call for Participation” (2015) was part of the group show Reclassified at Warehouse XI, Somervile, MA, June 2015.

Kathryn McFadden (Cohort ’09)

  • Presented paper “A Feast of Thought: Thinking Love in Art” at the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT) conference, The Feast, September 2015 at the University of Seattle, Seattle, Washington.
  • Her work was included in “Blurred Lines: A Prototype of Pandrogyne” presented at Hypatia Conference, Villanova University, Villanova, PA, May 2015.
  • Recent publications include “Ambushed: The Unpresentable in VALIE EXPORT’s Genital Panic,” Evental Aesthetics, Volume 3, Number 2, 2014 and “Agape: Love and Art in Community,” Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis, Volume 35, Issue 2, 2014.

  Keren Moscovitch (Cohort ’14)

  • Presented paper “The Orphic Orgasm: Communal Catharsis and the Carnivalesque” at the 2015 Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association conference, Cincinnati, OH, October 2015.
  • Visiting artist at Yale University's MFA program, lecturing on The Ontology of Intimacy: Theoria, Praxis, Poiesis, New Haven, CT, September 2015.
  • Performed in The Sphinx Returns, a performance art series curated by Whitney V. Hunter (Cohort ’13) at Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY, November 2015.

Yon Tande (né Whitney V. Hunter) (Cohort ’13)

  • Curated The Sphinx Returns at Grace Exhibition Space and Gallery, NY, September 19 - December 19, 2015.

Deborah Bouchette (Cohort ’12)

  • Presented paper “Toward a Phenomenology of the Artist-in-Residence as Cultural Mediator” at the Fourth Euroacademia International Conference “Re-Inventing Eastern Europe,” Krakow, Poland, April 2015.
  • Her own work was part of the group exhibition “Beyond the Pale” in Portland, Oregon, June 2015.
  • Hosted the session “On the Move or On the Run: Artist Residencies as Exile, Nomadism, or Community?” and also presented at the 71st Southeast College Art Conference, Pittsburgh, October 2015.
  • Artist-in-residence at the Burren College of Art, Ireland, November 2015.
  • Presented paper “Line as the Essence of Becoming-Artist” at the Fourth Euroacademia Forum of Critical Studies: “Asking the Big Questions Again” Lucca, Italy November, 2015.

Tania Romero (Cohort ’12)

  • Completed a summer course on the Posthuman taught by Rosi Braidotti at Utrecht University, 2015.
  • She was an NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) panelist and was a participant in the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards during their cornerstone benchmarking assessment for Media Arts Education in Virginia, Summer 2015.
  • Awarded a Graduate Scholar Award at the 2015 “On the Image” Conference in Berkeley, California.
  • Presented paper “Mujeres Sin Barreras: women documentary filmmakers in Nicaragua.”
  • Presented paper “Media Arts Education as a open field of educational practices” at SECAC as part of a panel on intermediacy and education, Pittsburgh, PA, October 2015.

 Jason Hoelscher (Cohort ’12)

  • Interviewed Sylvère Lotringer, Resisting No Matter What, was recently published in issue 23 of ArtPulse Magazine.
  • Panels and papers at various conferences include, Art and Indeterminacy: Tactical Ambiguity in the Era of Standardized Testing, at the SECAC conference in October 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA; Preening for the Algorithmic Gaze: Bioinformatic Media and Performativity, at the SLSA (Society for Literature, Science and the Arts) conference at Rice University’s Center for Critical and Cultural Theory in Houston, TX, November 2015; Direct Experience, Once Removed: Unconcealing the Environmental Interface, at the CAA conference, Washington D.C., February 2016; and Immateriality and Standardization: Information and Difference in Early Modernist Aesthetics, at the ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association) conference in at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, March 2016.
  • A solo show of Hoelscher’s recent paintings, Syntaxiomatic, will be exhibited at the Hoffman-LaChance Gallery in St. Louis, MO in January 2016.

Mary Mazurek (Cohort ’12)

  • Received a 2015 Faculty Development Grant from Columbia College, Chicago, IL, September 2015.
  • Served as Technical Producer and Audio Engineer for the live radio broadcast “Opera and the Law” with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and singers from the Ryan Opera Center of Lyric Opera of Chicago, September 2015.
  • Received a Communicator Broadcast Award for her production of the radio documentary, “The Search: The Search for the Lake Forest Symphony Music Director,” September 2015.
  • Presented her paper “Building Community in the Classroom: An Approach to Addressing Students with Diverse Educational Backgrounds” at the SECAC Conference, Pittsburg, PA, October 2015.
  • Will be featured in an interview for the upcoming publication “An Investigation into the Factors that Affect a Girl’s Choice to Study Music Technology” by Natalie Bibby-Cassidy, London, England.

Jennifer Rissler (Cohort ’14)

  • Moderated a panel and presented her paper “The Bauhaus, Black Mountain College and the Philosophical Divide” at the 7th annual REviewing Black Mountain College: An International Conference at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, September 25-27, 2015.
  • Appointed Interim Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), beginning October 2015.  

Kathe Hicks Albrecht (Cohort ’11)

  • Will participate in a panel to be held at the College Art Association (CAA) conference in February 2016 in a session titled “Digital Humanities in the Classroom: An Exchange.” She will be discuss “Changing Pedagogy and the Unexpected: Mapping the Classroom of the Future.”

Susan Johnson (Cohort ’12)

  • Presented paper “Call to Color: The Art of Experience” in the panel Metaphor and Understanding Visual Art at SECAC, Pittsburgh, PA, October 2015.

Christina A. Barber (Cohort ’13)

  • Presented paper “In the Mouth of the Woolf: Intersubjective Consciousness in The Waves at the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA) Conference, Virginia Woolf & Time, Portland, OR, October 2015.

Mike Adams (Cohort ’13)

  • Presented paper “The Aevum: A Medieval Conception of Time to Feed the Soul in Modern Aesthetics” at the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT), 7th annual meeting “The Feast,” hosted by Seattle University, Seattle, Washington, September 2015.

Shadieh Mirmobiny (Cohort ’12)

  • Presented paper “Greek Temples and Flying Human Headed Horses: A Critical Investigation of a Sixteenth Century Persian Painting Through Image and Word” at the Sixth International Conference on the Image, University of California, Berkeley, October 2015.
  • She has work in the Fifteenth Annual Folsom Lake College Faculty Exhibition at the Harris Center for the Arts, in Folsom, California, September 4 to November 8, 2015.


Dr. Gregory Blair (Alumnus ’15)

  • Presented “Place-Produced Thought and the Agency of Place” as a guest lecturer in the Art Education Department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA, CONFIRM DATE.
  • Published “The Way We Get By: Aesthetic Engagement with Place” in The Journal of Art for Life, Vol.6, Issue 1. Dec. 2014.
  • His solo exhibition Domesticating Matter was presented at ICC Art Gallery, Illinois Central College, East Peoria, IL, February 2015.

Dr. Conny Bogaard (Alumna ’15)

  • Presented paper “Neither Theory nor Model: The Dialogical Museum” at the 2015 Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC), Pittsburgh, PA, October 2015.
  • Will present at the 2016 College Art Association (CAA) International Annual Conference, Washington, DC in the session “Altered Visions: Revisiting the Trials and Tribulations of the Single Collection Museum.”

Dr. Kathy Desmond (Alumna ’14)

  • Presented “Dialogic Exchange and the Use of Empathy in Contemporary Art Practice” at The Ethics of Storytelling: Historical Imagination in Contemporary Literature, Media and Visual Arts conference at the University of Turku in Finland, 2015.
  • Curated “Predictions,” an exhibition for the Nave Gallery Annex in Somerville, MA, November 2015. This exhibition showcases work that investigates the tenuous balance between humanity and the natural environment.
  • Her solo exhibition “Kathy Desmond: Contemporary Antiquities” ran from February-May 2015 at the Spencer Presentation Gallery in the Manninen Center for the Arts at Endicott College.


Chris Johnson

  • Invited to submit an essay for an upcoming magazine issue to be published by the Institute of Jamaica based on his presentation in February at "Grounation 2015: Riddim Across the Atlantic: Di Drum in Africa & its Diasporas" sponsored by the Jamaica Music Museum.
  • Essay accepted as a book chapter for an anthology of African American Music to be published by the University of Rochester Press. His chapter is titled "The African Drum in the Jazz Age: Metaphor and Nostalgia in Early Twentieth Century Black Culture."

Simonetta Moro

  • Exhibited work at BRIC Art and Media Space and at the Brooklyn Historical Society in Brooklyn, NY, in the exhibition Mapping Brooklyn, February-September 2015.
  • A new series of cartographic works on Venice was shown at the Venice Art House in Venice, Italy, May-June 2015; the works are based on a research project sponsored by the Delmas Foundation.
  • Moro was the recipient of a residency at Marble House Project in Vermont, August-September 2015.
  • Presented paper “Mapping Practices in Art-making, Teaching, and Learning” at the SECAC conference in Pittsburgh, PA, October 2015.

Shannon Rose Riley

  • Recently elected as the Chair of the Department of Humanities at San José State University. Her book, Performing Race and Erasure: Cuba, Haiti, and US Culture, 1898-1940, is forthcoming with Palgrave Macmillan (2016).
  • In October 2015 the performance group ONO, of which she is a longtime member, will release its fourth album, Spooks, on Moniker Records (the album features Al Jourgensen of Ministry on several tracks).

Chris Yates

  • Presented paper “Subjects Nonetheless: Knut Hamsun's Hunger and the Poetics of Self-Deception” on the “Literary Feast” panel at the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT) 7th annual meeting “The Feast,” hosted by Seattle University, Seattle, Washington, September 2015.
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