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IDSVA Student Feature: William Daniels

William Daniels, Cohort ’18, has had a whirlwind year. In the span of four months, he received the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Artist Grant for his new project Textile Art Exhibition, and was awarded Male Quilt Artist of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National African American Quilt Museum, Marla Jackson Quilts and the Black Archives of Mid-America. Congratulations, William! Upon completion of his first full year at IDSVA, William reflects that he is "able to combine complex philosophical, aesthetic, and theoretical concepts across multiple medias, and discuss these convincingly and with confidence." "IDSVA is so much more than an institution of knowledge. The value of what is given transcends the tradition pedagogical matrix. Yes, we are studying with some of the most influential thinkers in the world, visiting some of the most amazing sites in the world in the context of a well-designed curriculum, but the lessons outside of the textbooks are by far the most valuable."

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