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IDSVA Students and Alumni Make a Strong Showing at Major Art Conferences

We are pleased to announce IDSVA students and alumni presenting at major art conferences this fall.

SECAC: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Oct. 16-19

Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC): Quebec, Oct. 24-27

Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (A2RU): University of Kansas, Nov. 7-9

H.C Arnold, Alumnus 2016

Paper at SECAC: "Riverside Transforming Traffic: Michael Brewster's Local Pickup, and How Noise Was Turned into Sculpture"

Nandita Baxi-Sheth, Cohort '19

Co-Chair of Workshop at A2RU: "Stay in You Lane: Affect Theory as Method for Transdisciplinary Research."

Ana Ferndandez, Cohort '17

Paper at UAAC: "Voyage Through the River in the House of Plants"

Jason Hoelscher, Alumnus 2018

Co-Chair of Panel at SECAC: Art / Data / InformationPaper at SECAC: "Art, Information, and the Aesthetic Singularity"

Jocelyn Holmes, Cohort '18

Paper at SECAC: "Absence as Presence: Redefining Cultural Narrative"

Mary Mazurek, PhD Candidate

Chair of Panel at SECAC: Can Noise Be Beautiful?Paper at SECAC: "Can Noise Be Beautiful? Noise in Art and Music through Burke's Empiricism"

Jonathan Morgan, PhD Candidate

Paper at SECAC: "The Silent Space of the Vacuum"

Lisa Williamson, PhD Candidate

Co-Chair of Panel at SECAC: Art / Data / InformationPaper at SECAC: "You May Also Like: Liberating the Audience from the Parasitic Pixel"

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