Newsletter Issue:
Spring 2013

January 2013 Special Edition: Inaugural Commencement And NY Residency

by Mary Anne Davis

Coming back to the Gershwin Hotel for our second residency was like coming home. Although I have only been a student at this lauded institution for just under 2 years, the associations and friendships I have made seem to be worth a lifetime already. I guess coming to understand philosophy must be some sort of ritual trial by fire to join a community. Well, joined we are. Greeting friends that have been in Tuscany, Venice, Berlin, Paris and New York, again, reading difficult material, generously working out what various thinkers thought, well, we have grown close.

Following below are descriptions of many of the highlights of the residency. Some of the quieter moments for me included a late night dinner with three of my favorite fellow philosophers in training, wandering around the Met with Kate Farrington, visiting Simonetta Moro’s Brooklyn studio or just having breakfast with Maria Labarge in my room. Each of these residencies are such unique moments — concentrated experience unlike any ‘normal’ travel I have ever experienced before. Topological studies, for sure.

Well, I will let my colleagues unfold the drama of the week for you as you read on. Just know that IDSVA is a singular institution and I am so very grateful to be part of it; history in the making. I will add my congratulations to the newly minted Ph.D’s!

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