Newsletter Issue:

Look for IDSVA at SECAC

SECAC Conference
Columbus, OH (October 25-28, 2017)

Dr. Heather E. Dunn (alumna) will present paper, "Political Street Art in the Trump Era," and chair panel, "Art in the Age of Surveillance."

Dr. Kathryn McFadden (alumna) will present paper,"Closely Listening: conversation as aesthetic event."

Angela Whitlock (Cohort '16) will present paper, "Tony Shafrazi and Guernica: How Museums Can Benefit From Acts of Vandalism and Prevent Future Incidents."

Jonathan Morgan (Cohort '15) will present paper, "Societies Within: Selfhood through Dividualism and Relational Epistemology" in the panel "Animism and the Natural World in Ancient Material Objects."

Susan Johnson (Cohort '12) will co-chair and present for "The Role of Philosophy in Artistic Practice."

Dr. Kate Albrecht (alumna) will chair the session "What's Next? Alternative Places, Spaces, and Traces for Today's Artist-Philosopher." The session will be held on Thursday, October 26 (10:00 to 11:45 AM) at the SECAC Conference, Columbus OH. Two of the five presenters are IDSVA colleagues:

Mary Anne Davis (PhD candidate) will present paper "The Embedded Artist: Econo-Aesthetics and the Future Imperfect."

Maria La Barge (PhD candidate) will present paper "New Categories for Embodied and Disembodied Consciousness in the Visual Arts."

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