Newsletter Issue:
Spring 2013

Matisse Reunion

by Kathe Albrecht

What a Bakhtinian spectacle of life!  I sometimes felt overwhelmed during the IDSVA New York Residency 2013, cramming so much art and philosophy into my head and my heart.  But mostly I felt blessed being with friends from Cohorts ‘11 and ’12, experiencing the New York art scene together, listening to insightful paper presentations, and discussing critical issues.  These are smart and inquisitive people who care immensely about their own education, but also about contemporary art and philosophy, and the unique paths of their fellow IDSVA travelers.

An unexpected highlight of the week was the Matisse exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Matisse: In Search of True Painting is visually rich and beautifully curated—and seeing the show with fellow IDSVA students was a special experience. The uniqueness of the show was that it juxtaposes works on subjects Matisse returned to repeatedly for a period of time. For example, a series of portraits of Laurette reveal the artist working through various issues of composition, color, and form. But Meditation (Portrait of Laurette) is in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  Laurette Seated on a Pink Armchair is in a private collection.  And Laurette in a Green Robe is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  These works, although they fundamentally relate to each other in terms of the artist’s oeuvre, have likely not been displayed side by side since they left his studio in France in 1916-17.  It was amazing to see the groupings throughout the show—as the works were brought in from European and American   museums, and private collections and galleries scattered throughout the world.   It is an opportunity not to be missed.  The show will be at the Met through March 17, 2013, so make sure to visit on your next trip to the Big Apple.

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